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   Lisa Alden makes an elegant shambles of our attempts
to organize and prioritize 
what we find in the world.

- Elizabeth Robinson, judge of the Ann Fields Poetry Prize


Ann Fields Prize in Poetry

Andrea Goff Memorial Prize

SF Browning Society Award for Dramatic Monologue

School of Art ​​Broadside Prize

Books, Inc. Poetry Grand Prize

Finalist - MARY Editor's Prize

Runner-up - Michael Rubin Book Award

Finalist - Omnidawn 1st/2nd Book Prize

Semi-finalist - OSU Press/The Journal Wheeler Prize for Poetry

Semi-finalist - Black River Chapbook Competition


William Dickey Fellow

Judith Anne Ott Scholar

Edward B. Kaufmann Scholar

Marshall J. Miller Scholar

Carolyn Irene Howard Memorial Scholar

Gloria Spencer UWA scholar

Distinguished Graduate MFA Honors



Adjunct Faculty in Creative Writing - San Francisco State University

Arts Enrichment Volunteer - The Mission Preparatory School


Creative Associate - Apogee Press

Poetry Editor - Fourteen Hills

Poetry Staff - Eliot Review


The Fold - New American Writing

stars, after - (artist's book w/L. Samson-Tabakin) SFSU School of Art

selections from Is It Enough to Have Feathers? - parentheses

selections from Divorce Sonnets - parentheses

Survival & the Maple - OmniVerse

Neighbor - Love Is the Drug Anthology

when the coffee is weak - Gravel

aphrodite tells her friend about adonis - Leveler

When We Have October - The Bastille​

early signs of joy - Mothering

Indium - The Wash

​Tell - Viator

Love Could Be Such a Thing - Viator

The Sound - Viator

//////////she eats unwashed fruit]]]]]]]]]]]]] - Viator

yes and - VelRo Reader

Little Key - The Walrus

Affair - Transfer

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