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Labor and Birth Support

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My experience informs the ease I bring to the room. I support you on the labor and birth path you have chosen and offer knowledge and calm if plans change. I have attended natural childbirths at home, cesarean births in hospital and everything in between.


I take pride in supporting all family structures and encourage those growing families through surrogacy, donor, or adoption to reach out.

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I take on few clients these days and most find me through word of mouth. If you've found me here, I welcome you to reach out below.

I accept all common cards including FSA and HSA. I accept some cryptocurrencies.

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Virtual Support Option

While most of my birth support is in person, some families want support but don't want someone else in the room. If this sounds like you, I'm happy to offer virtual support to you and/or your birth partner.


Because virtual support is not restricted by location, I can offer this service farther afield and have had the pleasure to help folks across the country.


I was drawn to birth work in college and began volunteering to support laboring moms at the local hospital. I've been fortunate to learn from wonderfully knowledgeable women, including obstetricians, gynecologists, nurses, midwives, and birthing mothers themselves. After graduating, I moved to California and founded San Francisco Doula, supporting labors in homes, birth centers, and hospitals. Since then, I've given birth to two sons of my own who are now teenagers.

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